The incomparable Spanish giant Mr. Joaquín de Eleisegui, a native of Alzo

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Circa 1850
Lito. Badín
500 x 330 mm.
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1.500,00 €

Rare lithographic poster advertising the giant of Altzo. Joaquín de Eleisegui, better known in his time by the nickname of the Giant of Alzo (1818-1861), acquired relevance due to his great stature.

gigante de Altzo

He was a very popular character in his time; he was exhibited in half of Europe and was received by Queen Isabella II of Spain, Queen Maria II of Portugal, King Louis Philippe I of France and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, among others. After his death his memory has endured in the Basque Country, where his hometown is always associated with the figure of the “Giant”. He suffered from the disease of gigantism (acromegaly), which made him grow indefinitely until his death. He reached a height of 2.42 meters and a wingspan of 2.42 meters, weighed 212 kilograms and his shoes measured 42 centimeters. His gloves measured 31 cm from thumb to little finger and his top hats were 3/4 point or, in other words, 62 cm in circumference.


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