Royal Provision of His Majesty of Hidalguía in form to Juan Miguel Caamaño.

Manuscript volume on vellum

Ramón Zazo and Ortega (Rey de Armas)
310 x 215 mm
Nº of pages
284 numbered sheets
Full grain vintage leather
Retail price
8.000,00 €

Manuscript volume on vellum that contains the executor of nobility of Don Juan Miguel Caamaño and the certification of his surnames and arms, issued by Ramón Zazo y Ortega. The petitioner, neighbor of Madrid and official of the Royal Treasury, seeing his fortune and position prosper, ordered to certify his nobility through his surnames of Galician and Asturian origin (Vigo, Villanueva de Arosa, San Pedro de Lantaño, etc.). The resulting dossier was transferred to this monumental manuscript, beautifully calligraphed and decorated with extraordinary colored historiated capitulars.


The manuscript also contains four full-page illuminated sheets with splendid miniatures with the portrait of King Carlos III, allegory to Carlos IV, coat of arms emblazoned and polychrome and allegory to Spain in the figure of a crowned woman, guarded by a lion and with a maritime background. It also contains other half-page and quarter-page miniatures with allegorical motifs to the surnames, coats of arms, etc., of floral and heraldic character.

The text is written in nineteen lines of boxed text, in red ink and with numerous calligraphic flourishes. Part of the text of the testimonials is written in Galician. It is therefore one of the most beautiful and extensive ejecutorias and certifications issued in the Spanish 18th century. Authentic jewel of Spanish miniature and calligraphy. Full leather of the period with wide gilt wheel framing the plans, wheel on edges and counterplanes, spine with five ribs and different decoration in each of the six compartments, highlighting the iron vase, in the central rosette of each tejuelo. Good state of preservation.


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